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Mete Aksu Clinic started to work about 14 years ago. In addition to plastic surgery operations, he continues body aesthetic applications such as Botox, Filler, facial rejuvenation without surgery, regional weight loss… in his office in Nişantaşı, Istanbul.

With Sincere, Experienced, Debonair, Energic and Reliable team, Mete Aksu Clinic aims to get the best result by making applications according to the needs of their patients. In accordance with this purpose; he provides the best, most reliable and highest quality services to both domestic and international patients. For Mete Aksu Clinic team, who set out on the motto of "Change Your Life"; every patient is a guest and valuable.

Dr. Mete Aksu, who is also the founding partner of the Istanbul Aesthetic Center Hospital in Şişli, Istanbul, continues his successful operations under this roof.

Surgical Esthetics
Aestheticlife İstanbul

Aestheticlife İstanbul Health Tourism Company is a partner of Mete Aksu Clinic.

All the aesthetic operations are made by Dr. Mete AKSU in İstanbul Aesthetic

Center which Dr. Mete AKSU is one of the c0-founders of the hospital.

Non - Surgical Esthetics

3D Vectra* Imaging and Simulation System

In order to avoid having unexpected tragic results after an aesthetic operation on your face or body, you should be able to tell exactly what you expect and it is possible for doctors to Show you what is medically possible by using 3D Vectra System.

This technological device which is produced by an American Canfield company takes colorful pictures in 36 megapixel solution using 6 photograph machines placed in different angles. Using these photos, a special computer software forms your 3 dimensional model and Vectra software makes your desired changes on it digitally. Therefore, during the examination, without waiting any longer, your doctor can Show you your face or your body will look after your desired changes are done using a computer in a few minutes.

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