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Vaser liposelection is the vaser technology with the latest generation of ultrasonically assisted liposuction devices, which helps the fat texture becomes fluid oil, allowing it to be easily removed. It doesn’t harm blood vessels and nerves with its selectivity to fat tissue; it also decreases the pain and reduce inflammation after the operation. The fat, which is fluidized by vaser application into the fat tissue, is taken with the help of very thin cannulas from the tiny cut on to skin.

The Main Benefits of Vaser Liposelection / Sculpting

  1. Accelerate the recovery process
  2. Better results of body contouring then traditional liposuction ways
  3. Facilitating liposuction in large quantities
  4. Having successful results in arms and legs that has sylphish and thin skin.
  5. By means of Hi-Def, vaser signalises the muscle discrimination lines all over the body and enables to emphasise the muscles.
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