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The expansion of the PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma and is produced from our own knowledge. A small volume of blood is centrifuged and an injector is withdrawn to form the plasma. These PRPs are then injected back into the skin through small injections, micro needling or massage. This collagen formation will initiate and repair the normal healing process with revascularization. In this process, PRP will provide a gradual increase in skin thickness and vitality.

The main cause of skin aging is the slowing of cell renewal. With the help of PRP, cell renewal is provided in the dark circles around eyes, thin lines and wrinkles, neck and decollete wrinkles, hand, tissue healing, dry / dull skin, all facial rejuvenation and all other body parts.

WhenPRP is applied to hair, the hair roots that have started to spill and lose their power and healthy structure are revived. Hair loss of the face is reduced, new hair is accelerated in the applied regions and the hair strands become thicker.


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