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The UltraShape V3 system aims to permanently and healthily remove regional fats in the belly, biceps, hips, arms, back and legs. Provides homogenous fat breakdown in the treated area, does not create irregularities. Unlike other regional weight loss methods, it does not damage the surrounding tissues, blood vessels, nerves and skin when mechanically breaking down fat cells several centimeters deep from the skin surface, which is detected by the optical camera, with focused ultrasound technology. The free fatty acids released from the broken fat cells are naturally destroyed by the liver by lymphatic drainage. The decrease in the volume and thickness of the fatty tissue has been proven by computerized tomography. The synergy of the bi-polar radiofrequency accelerates fat breakdown and lymphatic drainage, while tightening the skin.

Numerous clinical trials have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is considered an important reference in the world.

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