My Philosophy

I listen…I listen to my patients with patience… While listening to them, I observe their enthusiasm, requests, fears, excitements, expectations… I ask questions, get answers; I answer a lot of questions with patience, love.. Because the most important thing is to understand my patients’ feelings and what they need clearly. I need to understand to answer the most correct and trustworthy way of their requests. In any case the most important thing that has succeeded us is the right communication and the feeling of trust, isn’t it…

I read..I always read and search the new techniques, developments…and not only about aesthetic surgeries, about every fields of medical, health.. Even art, music, technology, fashion…I always follow. Because the work we do, is a job that is also influenced by artistic and fashion influences at the highest level. And our health is our most valuable treasure, to protect this, is a mission for all doctors. Therefore I attend to domestic and foreign congress and follow the aesthetic developments in these platforms. I care about using the last technological devices both in my clinic and in my operations for the best treatment of my patients.

I do sports…I do sports whenever I find time, and I try to engrain this to my patients. Although I have created more healthier, more beautiful and more athletic bodies, I emphasize the importance of healthy nutrition and regularly making sports to protect it.

A little secret; its true that I’m playing basketball, playing tennis or cycling with my patients. And we drink coffee.. It’s true that we talk about a lot of things, communicating, sorrow together, laugh together in these very small “a cup of coffee” moments…..

I hope to meet you in “a cup of coffee” moment… Live healthy and in a more beautiful body with “ageless”…

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